A promising day in summer of 2020- cooler yet humid morning, buku bucks in my pocket from carona virus pua payments, and a plethora of garage sales to hit on my GPS, mainly in Forest Ridge.

I hit my dab pen going 37 down Valley, slowing down approaching Floral Home to get to Aaron’s house. I called him before I left, walking him up- he was always a slowpoke in the mornings on garage sale day.

When I pulled up, the time read 7:25 on the dash, which meant it was actually a minute till the half. I was bumping “Nice ride, whip glide, hips swish, left right, hit curbs, lick curves, bitch swerve, smoke herb” on the radio in front of his tiny house in his quiet neighborhood. After a text and a few consecutive honks, he showed up passenger side, tired and lanky with a huge container of superfood smoothie and a long crazy curly mane of dark hair. “Sorry I’m late, I just woke up and stared at the ceiling for like ten minutes for some reason”

He buckled his seatbelt and we headed out to a neighborhood sale in Forest Ridge near Riverside and Huber Heights.

That garage sale trip was very successful. I found a plethora of stuff: a box of bath and body works stuff, a GameCube with lots of games, a grandmother clock from Germany for $25, a stylish podium stand for Theodore, my Greek “marble” bust, a pillow and blanket for Raisin, a shelf for some of my Knick knacks, Knick knacks for some of my shelf.

Aaron was searching for and found in excess for one thing: mirrors.

“I dunno, I just want to get as many mirrors as possible and hang them all in my house. You think guests will feel comfortable?”

We both kinda chuckled.

I mean he hit the freaking jackpot. We found small mirrors, circular mirrors, one mirror with newspaper border and a matching trash can, a big mirror we had to play Tetris with the grandmother clock to fit in my mini van for the drive home.

There’s nothing like hitting up garage sales, one after another, leaving my belt unbuckled and purse under the seat while we go to the next one. That was an excellent neighborhood sale that sunny summer day.

Published by Stephanie Staup

Healer and lover first. Human second.

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