How to build an accurate picture of who I am through color.

First,you start with a sketch of an ignorant prejudice of who I am.ImageThen, add my experiences and life lessons I’ve learned.ImageApply my talents, my strengths, and the shadows of my weaknesses.Image

Define my strong sense of self, pride, and individuality. Blend them in imperatively with my experiences.ImageLock in a stable home-life and an optimistic perspective on life.Image

Published by Stephanie Staup

Healer and lover first. Human second.

2 thoughts on “How to build an accurate picture of who I am through color.

  1. Stephanie…This gives me goosebumps to look at it. Its Gorgeous and interesting (fascinating, really), and has such a depth and a power. What a concept! Personal growth through color, and you actually show that in such a meaningful and powerful way. We are all so proud of you, in awe actually of your amazing talent. You go girl!!
    Love, Terri


    1. Thank you so much, Terri- I really couldn’t have done it without the support of my friends and family ( and friends of the family!) I must tell you it’s really rejuvenating finding a solid painting style that is uniquely my own, and it just so happens that my color scheme is pleasing to the eye! Hope you’re enjoying your colored pencil Obama :3


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