Tiny Rainbow Bag with a Brown Button

This one time when I had money in my pocket, I went to A Full Moon Rising and found this miniature rainbow bag with a brown button hanging on display for sale, along with many other variations of the same bag in different colors.

The bag screamed my name and the tag screamed $10. I wrapped the hacky-sack material around my wrist along with a couple other goodies in bags hanging from my wrists, like a faux white marble bust I later named Theodore, a vial of blueberry essential oil, a variety of glass Buddha heads, and an impressive chip of rhodochrosite (MY stone, with MY energy).

That was up until about two days ago, where I’ve started wearing the baggie on a string around my neck all day and night. Like a lucky emblem, I show it off in pictures and when I go to public places.

So what’s in it? Wouldn’t you like to know….

Just know the power of this little bag is AMAZING. almost bigger than myself, if I wasn’t a catalyst of the two.

And that’s all I’ll say.

Published by Stephanie Staup

Healer and lover first. Human second.

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