Sketches to music






So I’ve been struggling with art a little bit lately, and I wanted to utilize my subconscious, intuition and my imagination all at the same time. These are short, 3-5 minute sketches made while listening to experimental music. In other words, this is what the music looks like in my head. A Youtube link to the corresponding song is posted after the picture, none of which I own.Image

Haunted Hotel Beat- Jaytram


False Astronomy- Mister Lies

Take Time- Low Leaf

Alarma- Machinedrum

Too Long at the Fair- Teebs

Signs and Wonders- Kona Triangle

Soarin’- Sinitus Tempo

Bass Spalls- Heyoka
And We Gonna (Samiyam Chopsticks Remix)- Shigeto

Published by Stephanie Staup

Healer and lover first. Human second.

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