About Me


Born and raised in the quaint, suburban neighbourhood of southern Huber Heights, I inherited a strong sense of awareness-a sharp intuition, you could say- at a very young age from the spiritual union of her mother, Dana, and her father, Stan Staup.

In July, 1996, “Bear”, Stanley Staup departed to the other side a bit earlier than expected. At four years old, I couldn’t help but to feel confused, not only because I unexpectedly lost my father, but because he never left my side- it was a sixth sense that only he had access to stimulate whenever I was prone to danger, or in times of happiness and joy.

I’ve always felt some sort of force inside of myself- it was frustrating while I was young, because I wasn’t mature enough to  recognize what it was. I focused on it a lot at 8, 9, 10 years old because I wanted it, it was a yearning I knew nothing about. I’m sure you can decipher what the “it” is for yourselves. I know what “it” is, but I couldn’t accurately describe it if I tried.

All of this matters because it is MY divine roadmap that my father, Bear, designed in partnership with the universe, or as one would say, myself. My natural ability to create art was a gift for a divine purpose- and what is more divine than bettering fellow man? I paint to please the universe- and my guardian angel.

I’ve been telling my story more abstractly than I usually do. I suppose I find more importance to inform the public about my core- you know, what the ancient Egyptians would describe as the ‘Ka’, because it is the universe inside all of us that takes us  forward anywhere we choose.

Let me re frame my life to where it’s easier understood:

396348_10151305408249715_1830790438_nThese are my two biggest cheerleaders- mom on the right and my stepdad, Tom, on the left. Tom, whom I regard as my father, came into my life at when I was 7 years old. He has shown me nothing but loyalty, respect, and support, whether it was talking about issues in my life or giving me a lift to my basketball practices on some hundreds of occasions. His love is a strong force of comfort- as I look back, he made the environment I grew up in feel like home.


My mother showered me with love, care, and positive support while I was growing up. By the time I reached high school, my many talents began to unfold and she was nothing less than amazed. She taught me how to adopt a sense of independent identity- I decided whom I wanted to be, and she taught me how to create it.

One of my most useful tools she gave me was a sense of self discipline, urgency, work ethic, and timeliness- I couldn’t see myself trying to dive into the world of art .557107_505840622761928_633169055_n

I live a simple life in the old, historic part of Dayton with the love of my life Dan Halsey. I am a 21 year old with a brooding, yet whimsical sense of color, of which is SO SICK of the university system telling it what it should and shouldn’t be. I am a lover, a friend, a wise old soul, and very very blessed.

I am whomever I choose-

©Stephanie Staup 2013